The Junior Awards for Microbiology are a monthly junior seminar series aimed at integrating and connecting young researchers around the US. 

Each month two new junior researchers will be invited to present their work in a relaxed, friendly environment and in an exciting and engaging way. 

Currently, JAM talks 2018/2019 will be held at the David Axelrod Institute in Albany, NY. 

Please check out our Gallery for pictures of past JAM talks.

Reasons to Apply:

  • The US-based JAM talks are in a prime location for a wide variety of career opportunities in microbiology; including, industry, public health and academia.

  • JAM speakers will be given a tour of the Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health, and given an opportunity to be introduced to many PIs, including those invited from other capital district institutions, thus making the JAMs a perfect opportunity to network and find your next Post-doc, fellow or lecturer position.

  • The JAM talks are the only young researcher awards peer reviewed by other young researchers. This fosters a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, encouraging questions, discussions, collaborations and fun.

  • Successful candidates will have travel, accommodation and food provided for by the JAM committee.